Category: Glue and Glitters

Switzerland private event

Viktor was once again in Switzerland to create in just a few minutes a portrait with glue and glitters. He is now considered to be the master of this technique widely used by famous painters in the 70s and 80s. Viktor is now getting ready for his next upscale wedding event in Africa.

Glue and glitter performance in Strasbourg, France

A new glue and glitter performance for Viktor but this time in Strasbourg, France. This private event was a huge success and ended up with the prestigious painting realized in just a few minutes by Viktor. Clients were overwhelmed by the outcome and this true amazing piece of art.

Riyadh glitter performance at the Global Competitiveness Forum

Viktor is presently in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to perform in front of top economical leaders. In just a few minutes he created 2 amazing paintings with only glue and glitters. One of them being the portrait of HM King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz. The Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF), the only event of its kind, is an…
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Glue and glitter speed painter in UAE

Viktor is constantly traveling around the world to present his art: the glue and glitter painting. He was recently in UAE (United Arab Emirates) to present once again his talent. From Dubai to Kuwait, passing through Riyadh and Doha; Viktor is regularly traveling in the region to demonstrate his paintings. In just a few minutes…
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New glue and glitter / Glitter und Leim künstler

We just released our latest promo video to give you an idea of the result done with glue and glitter. The glue and glitter painting gives the power to Viktor to realize any kind of portraits, logos and objects on a 2mx2m canva using only glue and glitters. Many international events are to come so…
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Glue and glitter painting in Paris

Last night a new glue and glitter performance happened at the prestigious “Institut du Monde Arabe” in Paris. In less than 5 minutes, Viktor realized the portrait of a Sheik with only glue and glitters. Congratulations once again to Viktor for his amazing painting performance.

Glue and Glitter performance in Amsterdam

Viktor just realized a great performance in Amsterdam for a huge company. The difficulty here was the letters but the whole event was finally a huge success. Amsterdam is such a lovely city that it was a real pleasure…

Soon on German TV…

Viktor just realized a nice performance on German TV that you will soon be able to watch. So stay tuned…

Glitter painter and Michel Edouard LeclercPeintre performer présente Michel Edouard Leclerc

Viktor once again create a sensational painting while on a special event in France yesterday. In a just a few minutes he realized Michel Edouard Leclerc with only glue and sparkles. What a talent! A great Glitter painter

Painting with glue Chris de BurghPeindre avec de la colle Chris de Burgh

A sparkling result with Viktor and his amazing work as a painter with glue and sparkles! For a private party in Monte-Carlo, Viktor created the portrait of the famous musician: Chris de Burgh. Russian people in the audience were thrilled by the performance.