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Viktor performing in Nanjing and Ningbo

Viktor is travelling once more in China for the promotion of the new Parisian hotel.   There are still some more dates to come in China before coming back to Europe.   For this trip, Viktor visited Nanjing and Ningbo

Performance in Tianjin (China) for The Parisian

Viktor was back in China to perform in Tianjin at the Westin Tianjin hotel. The Sands Resorts asked him to realize once more Mona Lisa with glue and glitters to promote their new hotel: The Parisian. Today another city in China: Shenyang…

Monaco glitter painting performance

Viktor was once again in Monte-Carlo, Monaco to perform at the prestigious Salle Empire Hôtel de Paris.   This private event was a huge success and Viktor painted the portrait of one of the clients.

Paris speed painter

Another corporate event but this time in Paris at the prestigious Pavillon Champs-Elysées. Viktor realized a quite difficult canva using only glue and glitters representing a logo. Paris is really the city where many events happen and it is always a pleasure to work there.

Wedding speed painting in Antibes

Viktor just got back from Tunis to perform in Cap d’Antibes during a prestigious and mesmerizing wedding. The French Riviera is really the place to be at the end of the summer to enjoy the beauty of “La Côte d’Azur”. Again glue and glitters but this time with silver glitters! Incoming search terms:speed painter paris

Performance in Tunis, Tunisia

Viktor just got back from Tunisia after performing during a private event in Tunis. For the occasion, the event took place on the beach and he realized Marilyn Monroe portrait using only glue and glitters as usual. A quick and smashing performance that everyone loved. Incoming search terms:glitter painting images

Performance for the Parisian in Macau

Viktor just took part in the reveal of the opening date of the new hotel in Macau: The Parisian. The performance was a huge success for our French speed painter who realized the Eiffel Tower in just a few minutes. The press liked the result as we can see from the article in the newspaper:…
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Glitter Painter in St Tropez for a private event

Viktor used once again his glitters and glue to realize the portrait of a couple during a private and exclusive event.   The client had chosen gold sparkles for the occasion.   The outcome was perfect and all guests were astonished.

Gold and Glue performance in Austria

Viktor just came back from Austria where he performed his new act: A Gold and Blue painting. The perfect colors for an upscale wedding. All guests were totally conquered by his fabulous work at this prestgious 4* hotel and Spa.

Viktor is back from Hangzhou

Once again Viktor created an amazing glue and glitters painting in Hangzhou. This performance was once again realized for the opening of the new Macau hotel. This Mona Lisa painting was a great success and the client was very happy with the outcome.